Gamergy 2014 – Day 1

Or should I say just half a day, but boy, we are pretty tired. But it was a really good day for us, so we will try and work even more tomorrow. 6 hours of sleep, here I come.

Gamergy 2014 – Human Pride Games represents.

Hey there!

We will be attending Gamergy 2014 (a new event in Madrid for games and e-sports) this whole weekend and we would love you ALL to come and say hi.

There, you will be able to check our newest projects and chat with us, something we would expect eagerly.

If, by any chance, you can’t come, be sure to check our twitter (, as we will be updating with news and impressions every minute.

Human Pride!


It’s been 12 hours since we finished our LD28 entry game, Pillage Rush, and we all are exhausted. Maybe I will try and gather the strength in the next few days to post some thoughts and unused material, explaining the project in a deeper way.

For the moment, though, just play the game, it’s fun :)

We got boost power! And we love it!

We write this post, the first (we hope!) in a long list, in the aftermath of a tedious and extenuating afternoon, just when we have finished the first draft of our website, and a mere hours since we have been notified that BitBattle has been admitted to the App Store!

We sincerely hope its reception will turn out as positive as it has been on Google Play: over 2000 downloads ater 10 days, 47 reviews and a mean score of 4.7! We can’t wait to add more content to BitBattle, be it new armies, balance tweaks or new modes, and of course: we have already started working in our next project.

Expect a lot from us in the next weeks.

Human Pride!