Human Pride Games is, first and foremost, an organization keen on preserving the most important of all the cultural artifact humans have created throughout their existence. You could also say, then, that it’s an independent game developer group.

Located in Spain, its main core is settled in Madrid, with Álvaro Gutiérrez and Julián González being the group founders, dividing between them both the majority of the designing, programming and scripting duties. Guillermo Gutiérrez, Álvaro’s little brother, serves as assistant designer and sharp bug-finder. Outside Madrid, in Valencia, Natalia Ponce acts as the group’s Art Director, leading their visual and graphic division with her amazing talent. Many friends and relatives (specially LorCaro and SkyCastls, we love you peeps) improve the group’s work with their support and ideas.

After all, Human Pride is just a group of friends having fun, doing what they like most!

alvaro julian natalia guillermo
Álvaro Julián Natalia Guillermo

Why “Human Pride”?

Deep inside The Encyclopedia of Nonsense, the document in which Human Pride Games writes in stone every joke and stupidity that ever became meme within the group, there’s a definition that stands among the rest.

Whenever Guillermo, Álvaro and Julián played multiplayer games on their consoles, being three themselves, there was always one missing spot, filled by a computer controlled character. As they incorporated F-Zero X as a game played on a daily basis, they soon realized that, at the start of every race, they mostly fought among themselves with vicious tactics, ignoring the CPU. But, when there was only one human alive, fighting side-by-side with his AI counterpart, the tension repeatedly disappeared and the losers embraced what was soon to be called the Human Pride: if they had to choose, they would always cheer for his human fellow, wishing for a human victory.